Awaken No. 2: Face Serum for Combination Skin

The Best Face Serum for Combination or Problem Skin
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AWAKEN No. 2 Rejuvenating Day Face Serum for Combination or Problem Skin with added Grapeseed Oil & Symphytum Leaf. Awaken No. 2's added Grapeseed oil has been proven to reduce the severity of scarring and discoloration, while Symphytum leaf is known to make pores appear smaller and your skin feel softer, more supple, and improve elasticity. 

Through deeply considered formulation and testing, we’ve developed the best face serum for combination skin that is targeted to your specific skincare needs. These custom formulations were designed for optimal skin health, delivering deep hydration, even skin tone, and bright, plump, glowing skin that gets noticed.

We present each face serum for combination skin in a 50 ml. amber flint-glass apothecary bottle that contains 65% more volume than 30 ml. serums. More volume means less packaging waste, less environmental impact, and more product with each purchase. Each serum will last from 18–20 weeks.

100% Organic Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Symphytum Leaf Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, Calendula Extract, Vitamin E, Rose Geranium Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lemon Balm Oil. Citronellal, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.


Grapeseed oil, known for its non-comedogenic qualities, making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin. High in Vitamin E, it is proven to reduce the severity of scars, while speeding up the healing process. When applied topically, Grapeseed oil’s proanthocyanidin content has been proven to protect against harsh UV rays and fight free radicals while increasing collagen production. It promotes healthy, youthful-looking skin, while improving the skin's overall elasticity.

Scientists have recently discovered that the compound found in Symphytum officinale) ~ Keratinolytics ~ help to keep skin youthful and less susceptible to the formation of wrinkles. Keratinolytics also allow the outermost layer of skin cells to shed more easily, which creates smoother, more hydrated skin. When used on a continual basis, it makes the pores appear smaller and the skin feel softer, more supple, and elastic.

Each of our botanical formulations consist of select varietals of farm-grown, organic calendula, comfrey leaf, chamomile and lemon balm: Four powerhouse, nutrient-dense, whole-plant botanicals that we cultivate, slow-infuse, and carefully blend with additional carrier oils, extracts and essential oils to holistically care for your skin without synthetics or chemicals. We grow some of nature’s most dynamic skin-healers, all of which are powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that protect your skin from early aging caused by free radicals, while creating supple, more elastic, firm and even skin tone.

Our Flaxseed, Jojoba, Lemon Balm, Calendula and Chamomile oils contain potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and complex soothing and healing properties that target many of the causes of skin issues such as acne and rosacea, leaving your skin looking and feeling calm, clear and renewed.

Our Sunflower, Grapeseed and Calendula oils naturally increase collagen production, while protecting your skin’s existing collagen and elastin supply resulting in a more toned, youthful appearance.

Our sunflower-infused oils penetrate several layers of your skin to deliver potent whole-plant acids that create deep hydration while building a solid foundation for more resilient, even toned skin, resulting in skin that is plump, supple and glowing.

We grow some of the most powerful antioxidants available. These powerhouse botanicals help soothe inflammation, fight bacteria, and UV damage, while stimulating circulation and aiding cell regeneration.

We intentionally grow some of the most beneficial active botanicals available. We also believe in the philosophy of less is more : In addition to the unique properties that are in each of our botanicals, they also all share many of the same synergistic healing, hydrating and regenerating qualities that help us to deliver more impact while using less botanicals. This allows us to put a higher percentage of our potent, complex whole-plant formulations in each serum so that you get unparalleled benefits and results.

We grow and cultivate most of the organic botanicals that go into our formulations. We understand the importance of the relationship of growing a plant from seed and seeing it through every step of the process leading to the creation of our serums. We nurture each plant, harvesting them at their peak of efficacy, then slow-infusing them for eight weeks before being extracted into their beautiful, potent final botanical-oil phase. Focusing on the very best botanical skin-healers allows us to put more of our Estate Blend into each of our serums, creating the most powerful and effective products available. We combine these with very specific oils and extracts that together create the foundation for your best skin ever.

The transformative benefits of our Estate Blend and additional whole-plant extracts come from the healing power of the sun. We begin with cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, chosen not only for its myriad health benefits, but also for the powerful effect of its internal circadian clock, which allows the plant to follow the sun throughout the day by targeting and stimulating specific cell growth. We then slow-infuse our dried botanicals in the sunflower oil for eight weeks allowing them to fully release their powerful, beneficial properties.

We believe in an holistic approach to beauty + wellness. We believe that feeling your best is an important companion to looking your best. With that in mind, we’ve developed harmonic aromatherapeutic scents for both our Awaken and Moonlight serums. It begins with intention, each morning and night; placing serum drops in your hands and rubbing them together to release their aromatherapeutic properties, then gently placing your hands over your nose and inhaling the scents, which create unique sensations that will elevate and create calm in your day.


“My skin has been transformed, it's as though the clock has been turned back and I feel younger, "prettier", healthier”

Esther K.


“These serums are DIVINE! My skin is smooth and deeply moisturized as it retains suppleness throughout the day.”

Amy B.


"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! Wow...I don't think I'll ever go back to cream.

Dawn P.


"Beautiful space with lush flowers and vegetation that creates even more swoon worthy products. The serums create a radiant glow that shines from the inside out. It makes me feel good to know that these products were grown with love from seed to skin."

Karyn T.


"I’m kind of a skin care junkie, so I’ve tried a lot of high-end products, most of which are nice but haven’t noticeably changed my skin. I was lucky to have my fiancé gift me both the Awaken and Moonlight oils from Cultivate Apothecary, as well as their three clay masks, Healing, Clarifying and Exfoliating. Not only do I love each product, but I actually SEE results in the brightness, the clarity, and the overall “glowiness” of my skin. After every time I use one of the masks, my skin is softer and my pores are visibly tighter; the oils are now the ONLY moisturizer I use, and as an acne-prone combo skin gal, I have been impressed that they have not only NOT clogged my pores but actually have reduced the number of break outs I get. I’m thankful to have found such a conscientious and effective brand, whose products have exceeded my expectations in every way."

Helena S.


"The scent is divine. I like that the day serum is fresh while the night serum is deeper in scent. The texture is lovely. I love massaging them into my skin."

Jennifer G.

Botanical Ingredients

grapeseed oil



symphytum leaf


lemon balm

How To Use


After cleansing your face, place six to eight drops on the palm of your hand and rub your hands together, warming the serum and releasing the aromatherapeutics. Fold your hands over your nose and inhale deeply, then work the serum gently across your face, neck, and décolletage.


Our organic skincare products are 100% natural, and are free from chemical preservatives or synthetics. If you have known sensitivities to ragweed and related plants in the Asteraceae/Compositae (ragweed) family, we recommend testing our product on a small patch of skin prior to use. Wait 24-48 hours to assure your skin is not sensitive.


Products should be kept away from direct sunlight and high heat. Best if used within one year of purchase date.