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Cultivate Apothecary luxury organic botanical skincare located at Stonegate Farm.

Cultivate Apothecary

We are Cultivate Apothecary - a high-end apothecary and makers of luxury botanical skincare and clean beauty products. Located at Stonegate Farm, we're a deeply-curated, sustainably crafted beauty and wellness brand. We believe in the power of organic, whole-plant botanical skin care. We believe organic is about more than ingredients and labels, it’s about sustainable relationships ~ to the land we grow on and the planet we share, to the products we create and the customers we serve. Environmental stewardship and a low carbon footprint are built into every aspect of our brand, and we formulate skin care that is authentic, safe, transparent and trusted as part of your daily beauty ritual.

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The Evolution of Botanical Skin Care

The power of our organic botanical skincare and clean beauty products lies not only in the care we take to cultivate and process the finest, most beneficial organic herbs, fruit and flowers on our farm, but in our potent solar-infused formulations that have been developed to meet the needs of our customers. Our skincare begins with a deep connection to the land, or terroir, and a philosophy of cultivating, creating, and formulating that's rooted to place ~ the foundation of everything. Our farm lab is inspired by a profound and powerful teacher ~ Nature ~ and we create products that embrace the life-enhancing, wholesome rituals of natural skin and body care.



"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! Wow...I don't think I'll ever go back to cream. I truly take a moment of sacred time to rub the drops between my hands, inhale the beautiful scent and then slowly apply the serum to my face, throat and décolletage in one smooth sweeping motion. It is a new morning and evening ritual that is absolutely lovely." 

Dawn P.


“These serums are DIVINE! My skin is smooth and deeply moisturized as it retains suppleness throughout the day. I’ve been using natural skincare for the past few years but I’ve not experienced this kind of dramatic improvement in my skin’s elasticity and softness. The level of holistic integrity built into their skincare line is like no other. Organic Luxe at its best."

Amy B.


“These are the loveliest products I have ever used on my skin. The feel and clean fragrance, the healing and cleansing properties go farther than skin deep. They enliven me in the morning, and soothe me in the evening.”

Patricia C.


 "My skin feels plump, soft, moistened and radiant. The scents are intoxicating and completely original and different than any other product I’ve ever tried. I noticed physical results after about 4 days... but was immediately captured by the scents. Make it a part of your life.”

Sarah R.


"I tried these products because I loved that they were organic and were made using what was grown on their farm. The serums are amazing. My skin has never looked or felt better. I use to have redness on my cheeks and chin that after a couple months of using the serum has completely disappeared! My skin is plump and also no longer dry. It also smells wonderful!"

Karen H.

organic, sustainable cultivation

Cultivate Apothecary


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“Masks, masks, masks! Ones for moisturizing, for exfoliating...It’s so luxurious to sit with a mask on. I love the ones from Cultivate Apothecary.”

Farm-To-Face Skincare Brand Cultivate Apothecary Brings A New Level Of Luxury To Clean Beauty

There is a wave of recently established skin-care brands that use meticulously sourced, often hyper-locally grown organic ingredients:… Cultivate Apothecary in New York State.

Cultivate Apothecary provides only organic, cruelty free, and sustainable botanical skincare products and clean beauty.